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About Us

Who we are

The foundation of Jan Kalyan Gramodyog Seva Ashram was laid in 1970 by like-minded youth inspired by the philosophy (which philosophy) of Mahatma Gandhi under the leadership of Sri Nizamuddin. Sonebhadra. This is a Non-Political, Secular, and Non-Profit Social Organization which works for the causes of people of the marginalized sections, especially women, youth, and children. It was started by a large congregation of like-minded social activists, inspired by the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi in 1970, under the leadership of Sri Nizamuddin. The objective was to pursue issues, normally considered less important & insignificant, but hold instrumental value in ensuring the inclusion of the marginalized. JKGSA become registered under society registration ACT, 1860 of (XXI) in the years 1993-94 and registration number101/1993-94 on dated12-05-1993 also have an FCRA registration No 136760075 date-13-012000 and 12A certificate.

Why JKGSA Started!

JKGSA seeks to establish a society based on principles of social justice, equity of opportunities, and growth with balance. For this, it advocates promoting socio economic development of people irrespective of their gender, religious orientation, ethnicity, or caste. While it focuses on economic development but it furthermore believes that the development of health and education services is not only complementary to economic development but also instrumental to it.

A society in which, women do not have rights and respect equal to their male counterparts, and in which they live in constant fear of violence and harassment, cannot be progressive. The status of women and girls determines the degree of growth opportunities in society. Hence, women empowerment and prevention of violence against women are among the core objectives of JKGSA. Gender equity and women empowerment are also seen as cross-cutting concerns in all the interventions. Children have the first call on our society and JKGSA believes that they are not the citizen of the future but are actually the “present” of our society. They have the first right to love, care and support. They deserve a life free from violence, free from toils of hard and hazardous labor, and free from biases of any kind. Rehabilitation of child labor and ensuring a secure, happy, and dignified life for children is an issue of paramount concern to JKGSA.

JKGSA seeks to sensitize people toward environmental concerns through all its initiatives.

No sustainable socio-economic progress can be achieved by society at the cost of environmental degradation. Environmental resources are the life blood of our civilization. They provide the vital energy which sustains all forms of life. Thus, while JKGSA is concerned with improving agricultural productivity, improving food security, and providing livelihood, it also focuses on ensuring that none of its techniques are intrusive towards nature. We align with nature and not against it.

The objective of the Organisation

Jan Kalyan Gramodyog Seva Ashram is a non-profit grassroots-level organization with the objective to bring sustainable change in society in different ways.

  1. Provide health facilities to women and children
  2. Provide education facilities to children
  3. Safeguarding and conservation of flora & fauna, species, land & Environment.
  4. Promote Self-employment among women and Youth
  5. Upliftment of poor, backward and vulnerable community
  6. Create Consciousness on social issues.

Target Group

  1. Species
  2. Agricultural labor
  3. Land less labor
  4. Small, Marginal and Leased farmers
  5. Disabled
  6. Scheduled Castes
  7. Scheduled Tribes
  8. Women
  9. Children
  10. Artisans
  11. Students and Teachers
  12. Others Voluntary Organizations
  13. NGO’s, etc.
Our Goals
To Promote Social- economic expansion of people, irrespective of their gender, religion, cast or creed, While it is focused on empowered and self-reliant women society, educated and healthy environment for children and creating violence-free all-round development of society
Our Vision
To design a society on the base of social justice, economically self-reliant, and equal division of resources where women and children become self-reliant & self-esteem.
Our Mission
Support Women, children, and Vulnerable communities to make them Socio-economically strong and take care of the Conservation of flora & fauna, species, land & Environment.
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