Objectives and Major Activities undertaken by the NGO

JKGSA seeks to establish a society based on principles of social justice, equity of opportunities and growth with balance. For this, it advocates to promote socio-economic development of people irrespective of their gender, religious orientation, ethnicity or caste. While it focuses on economic development but it furthermore believes that development of health and education services is not only complementary to economic development but also influential to it.

A society in which, women do not have rights and respect equal to their male counterparts, and in which they live in constant terror of violence and sexual harassment, cannot be progressive. Status of women and girls determines the degree of growth opportunities in a society. Hence, women empowerment and prevention of violence against women are among the core objectives of JKGSA. Gender equity and women empowerment are also seen as cross-cutting concerns in all the interventions.

Children have the first call on our society and JKGSA believes that they are not the citizen of future but are actually the �present� of our society. They have the first right on love, care and support. They deserve a life gratis from violence, free from toils of hard and hazardous labor and free from biases of any kind. Rehabilitation of child labors and ensuring a secure, joyful and dignified quality of life to children is an issue of paramount concern to JKGSA

o sustainable socio-economic progress can be achieved by a society at the cost of environmental degradation. Environmental resources are the life blood of our civilization. They afford the vital energy which sustains all forms of life. Thus, while JKGSA is concerned towards improving organic agricultural yield, improving food security and ensure livelihood, it also focuses on ensuring that none of its techniques are intrusive towards the nature. We align with nature and not against it. Hence, JKGSA seeks to sensitized people towards environmental concerns through all its initiatives.