The non-government organization Jan Kalyan Gramodhyog Seva Ashram was founded in 1993 by Mr. Nizamuddin (Nice) along with other like-minded concerned individuals to promote better life-styles and income generating activities, health, hygiene and education among those who are deprived, diverse, distute and vulnerable. The focused concern of the JKGSA is caring children and women liberalization for well-being and protection of these communities. The Jan Kalyan Gramodhyog Seva Ashram is registered under Society's Registration Act - 21,1860 with a registration no as 101/1993-94. NGO has also registered itself under Income-Tax Exemption Act PAN, having 12-A certification from Income Tax Department and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 (FCRA) with a registration no: 136760075 dated January 13, 2000. The NGO coordinated various projects under financial support from various national and international funding agencies like TDH Germany, NABARD, CAPART, CEPC, Ministry of Youth Affairs, NCLP, DRDA,DUDA etc along with few individual donors who provides financial assistance for the up-lift of the socially deprived communities. Since the inception Jan Kalyan Gramodhyog Seva Ashram work towards delivering the effective and quality services to the communities in the projects which were supported.

Legal Documents
Society Registration Act-1860, on dated 12.5.1993 Registration No.101/1993/94 FCRA  No- 136760075 Dated- 13 Jan. 2000, 12A & 80G, PAN  AAATJ4078M.
Our Vision :
To design a society on the base of social justice, economically self-reliant, equal division of resources where women and child become self reliant & self esteems
To co-ordinate the women and Vulnerable people on community level so that they may organize socially, economically, & Physically strong.